Dave Grohl always wants to ''impress'' his Foo Fighters bandmates.

The 'Walk' frontman is more ''nervous'' about what the rest of the group think of the songs he's written than the reception they get from fans.

He admitted to Australia's '60 Minutes' ''I want to impress the guys in the band. You know, when I'm in front of a vocal mic and Taylor's in the room listening to me sing, I'm more nervous about what Taylor thinks than whether it's going to go on the radio or anything like that.''

Drummer Taylor Hawkins added: ''The same goes quadruple for me.''

Meanwhile, the 48-year-old frontman recently admitted he fell into depression after breaking his leg when he fell off stage two years ago because he felt ''empty'' without music.

He said: ''I didn't just snap the bone, I dislocated it and tore all the ligaments. But we had 60 more shows and after I came out of surgery we sat in my hotel room and had a meeting to decide what to do. Everyone wanted to make sure. I was OK and that we weren't pushing it too hard. So I said what would it be like if I had to sit in a ridiculous f***ing throne every night and play to thousands of people?

''I imagined there would be a solid year of no music but I didn't realise how bad I'd damaged my leg until I was with a physiotherapist three months after I had surgery.

''I've got a beautiful life outside of the band, but music really is what keeps my f***ing blood pumping.

''After about six months, with no band or no music, I really fell into a depression where I felt empty.''