Dave Grohl came ''f***ing close'' to arranging a collaboration between Weezer and Barry Manilow.

The Foo Fighters frontman was keen to forge an unlikely pairing between the 'Hash Pipe' rockers and the 69-year-old crooner for a track on his Sound City Studios documentary soundtrack and thinks the song could have been a hit.

He said: ''I was this f***ing close to getting them on a record. I thought it was going to happen. It would've been f***ing huge.''

The rocker admitted Barry was keen to take part in the project, but proved difficult to track down.

He added: ''He was the first person who said he'd do it but was the last we tracked down. And we had to fly to f***ing Hawaii.''

The documentary threw up several collaborations, including one between Dave, his former Nirvana bandmates Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear, and Sir Paul McCartney.

And the 'Monkey Wrech' hitmaker has previously revealed the Beatles legend was easy to work with.

Speaking about their track, 'Cut Me Some Slack', he said: ''We walked in; we jammed the song. It just came out of nowhere. The best songs happen that way.

''We recorded it live and put a vocal over it and that was it. It was three hours and it was perfect.

''You have to understand, one of the great things about playing with Paul McCartney or playing with Neil Young is that that generation of musicians, they cherish and respect and value the practice of just going into a room and coming up with something and jamming and making it a song.

''There's not like seven songwriters and seven producers and digital technology or whatever. It's like people getting in a room.''