The Everlong hitmakers performed at the Rexall Place venue in Edmonton, and ahead of a rendition of Tom Sawyer by Canadian rockers Rush, Grohl asked whether there was anyone in the audience who knew all the words and could sing the track.

A fan named only as Brian volunteered and was escorted up to the stage where Grohl, who was seated on a specially made throne due to his broken leg, handed him the microphone and declared, "Don't f**k it up... Welcome to my nightmare. Ladies and gentleman, this is Brian."

Video footage of the performance shows Brian singing the track with the band and hitting the high notes, with Grohl seen grinning, nodding along and mouthing the words behind him.

After Brian finished singing, Grohl declared, "F**king Brian. Oh my God. Dude that was f**king amazing. Let's hear it for Brian. Thank you. Holy s**t... Are you a eunuch? How did you hit those (high) notes. I don't even know how to follow that s**t. I got nothing."