Dave Grohl's mother has urged people to buy their children musical instruments.

The 48-year-old musician's parent, Virginia Hanlon Grohl, ''recommends'' other mothers and fathers to buy their kids a guitar and a drum and pray their children will follow the same successful path as her son.

Speaking to NME magazine, she said: ''It's very good - I recommend it. Buy your kid a guitar and a drum and hope things go the way my life did. I've been able to travel the world with them. David always said 'Jump on the bus, jump on the plane, come along', and I do.''

Although Dave urged Virginia to accompany him on tour she was sceptical because she didn't want people to think the former Nirvana band member was a ''momma's boy''.

She continued: ''I used to think I should hide because I didn't want anyone to think he was a momma's boy, but he'd pull me on stage and introduce me. The crew know who I am. I have the best seat in the house.''

And Virginia has revealed she was been to ''the most wonderful'' parties because of her child's status.

Speaking about her experiences being the mother of a rockstar, she said: ''It's just one wonderful party after another.''