Dave Grohl is probably getting used to being termed as one of the senior statesmen of rock n' roll nowadays, but it's still hard to believe that the likes of Lady GaGa and Bruno Mars were still children when the current Foo Fighters front man and former Nirvana drummer started in music. At 43 years-old Grohl and his band still have a huge zest for music, and it was as such no surprise to see that the group's drive has led them to feature heavily among this year's Grammy Award nominations where they'll do battle with the likes of Gaga, Mars and of course, British tearaway sensation Adele.
Grohl's been reported as being a fan of the latter in the past, and he continued in this vein to the Chicago Times, stating "I'm glad that we're with Adele in the same category," in reference to the fact his band's 'Wasted Light' will be doing battle with her multi-million selling record '21' in the Best Album category. "It means we've done something right," the 43 year-old continued, adding, "I think she gives us all hope. She's made an incredible record, and she's an incredibly talented artist, so maybe it is true that the cream actually rises to the top."
Of the fact that the Foos' are still rocking almost 17 years after their first album was released, Grohl commented "It feels great to be the guy with gray hair in his beard who is still invited to these things, twenty years ago, I never thought I'd even have a career in music this long."