Dave Grohl is feeling the weight of the rock world on his shoulders in the run up to the Grammy Awards. His band, Foo Fighters, are one of the few rock / guitar bands to have been nominated in this year's awards and their latest album has been selected in the Album of the Year category, against Lady GaGa, Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Adele, whose second album has been a phenomenal global success.
Grohl recently granted an interview with Associated Press and spoke about the pressure of being one of the only rock artists performing at the Grammy presentation evening. He told Derrik J Lang "I feel a little bit of responsibility and a lot of pride. I'm (expletive) proud to be in the (expletive) Foo Fighters ... We're a real (expletive) band. If I were a kid, I'd be bummed (watching the Grammy performances) until the Foo Fighters came on, and then I'd think, "Oh, good, humans that play instruments." Grohl also confesses to being a big fan of one of his main rivals, Adele and says that the fact that her album has been so successful gives him hope as a musician "She's made an incredible record, and she's an incredibly talented artist, so maybe it is true that the cream actually rises to the top. It's inspiring when something legitimate gets recognized for what it is."
Foo Fighters already have six Grammy awards under their belts and this year, they are nominated for another six this year He insists that he doesn't have any speeches ready and would prefer to ad lib if he wins: "one thing that I've learned in life is that you never want to read a speech. You just want to go up and give it."