Dave Grohl says making 'Sound City: Real To Reel' was a selfless move.

The Foo Fighters singer claims he didn't want show off his filmmaking talents to the world by helming the documentary about the legendary Los Angeles recording studio, but rather wanted to share the film with people who are passionate about music.

Dave said: ''I've selfishly been making music for myself, and my band, for 20 years. The Sound City movie's not like that. The Sound City movie is for other people. I'm not doing it so that other people.

''I'm not doing it so that other people will think I'm the greatest fucking director in the world I don't know what I'm doing. This movie is for you. This is for your kids. This is for people in a band who've never fucking walked into recording studio.''

The 'No Way Back' hitmaker admitted his directorial debut had given him a taste for working behind the camera and he hinted he could be taking on more filmmaking roles in the future.

He mused to Classic Rock magazine: ''I wouldn't necessarily say I have the bug, but I do like to tell a good story. We'll leave it at that.''