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Teen Apologises For Grohl Death Story

LATEST: A 16-year-old student is desperate to apologise to FOO FIGHTERS frontman DAVE GROHL, because he was responsible for the fake death report which swamped the internet. DANIEL O'SULLIVAN originally sent the story about Grohl's...

Nirvana Fans Furious About Chili Peppers Video

NIRVANA fans are furious because they believe the new RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS music video featuring a parody of late Nirvana lead singer KURT COBAIN is disrespectful. In the video for DANI CALIFORNIA, the group...

Foo Fighter Grohl Gets Licked

FOO FIGHTERS star DAVE GROHL has joined actress JULIETTE LEWIS' punk group JULIETTE AND THE LICKS to record tracks on their new album. The former NIRVANA star has made a habit of teaming up with...

Grohl To Be A Dad

FOO FIGHTERS frontman DAVE GROHL is to become a dad for the first time after news that his TV producer wife is expecting a child this spring (06). Rumours the BEST OF YOU hitmaker...

Drumkit Diver Cobain Wanted To Be A Stuntman

Former NIRVANA drummer DAVE GROHL was shocked the first time KURT COBAIN dived into his drumkit because he didn't know the tragic rocker had a penchant for onstage self-destruction. Grohl's kit had sentimental value...

Grohl Riddled With Regrets

FOO FIGHTERS frontman DAVE GROHL wishes he'd caused more trouble before he rocketed to fame in NIRVANA at the beginning of the 1990s. Grohl regrets missing out on a wild youth, and admits he...

Grohl Dreams Of Launching Icelandic Tipple In Us

FOO FIGHTERS rocker DAVE GROHL is so fond of lethal Icelandic drink Brennivin he wants to launch it in America. The former NIRVANA star and his bandmates discovered the beverage on a recent trip...

Grohl Hits Out At Backing Tape Bands

FOO FIGHTERS frontman DAVE GROHL has derided bands including LINKIN PARK and MOTLEY CRUE for using backing tracks when they perform live. The BEST OF YOU rocker would rather his band sounded terrible than...

Grohl Felt Sickened By Bush's Foo Fighters Abuse

DAVE GROHL was so disgusted by US President GEORGE W BUSH's use of FOO FIGHTERS songs for his 2004 election campaign he investigated taking legal action against the leader. The former NIRVANA rocker was...

Grohl Furious With Bush's Use Of His Track

Rocker DAVE GROHL is furious after learning American President GEORGE W BUSH used the FOO FIGHTERS track TIMES LIKE THESE at a campaign rally. The former NIRVANA star is a staunch supporter of Bush's...

Dave Grohl Buys His First Luxury Car

FOO FIGHTERS rocker DAVE GROHL has only just purchased his first luxury car - despite being a millionaire for more than a decade. The former NIRVANA star admits he's always been hesitant to spend...

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