Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan has come a long way since his eighties hey-day with the synthpop band, and is now involved in a collective of a different species; Soulsavers unites elements of blues and soul within its electronic framework, but that's not all that's influenced Gahan on latest album 'Angels & Ghosts'.

Dave GahanDave Gahan teams up with the Soulsavers for 'Angels & Ghosts'

The album was released by Dave Gahan & Soulsavers in October 2015 and marks their second collaboration after 2012's 'The Light the Dead See'. It has received a positive reaction so far, with much of the lyrics expressing disillusionment with the world as it is, yet with a very strong undercurrent of hope.

'My pit can go pretty deep. But over the years I've realised that it's a choice', Gahan explains, of the mood surrounding his music. 'Music has always helped me to rise out of whatever mood it is I may be in and it can change my mood immediately.' 

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An example of this happens to be David Bowie's smash hit 'Life On Mars', which Gahan cleverly references in track 5, 'One Thing'. A song that shines a beacon of optimism over Gahan's depressing musings as he contemplates the lack of togetherness human beings have.

'That song can always transform however I'm feeling', he says. 'Bowie's the one artist, I'd say, for many decades that's always surprised me and also lifted me. I have complete identification with his voice and his melodies.'

The album, featuring lead single 'All Of This And Nothing', is a far cry from his Depeche Mode era; the last album with whom was 2013's 'Delta Machine' which hit number 2 in the UK.

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As for Soulsavers, whose permanent members are Rich Machin and Ian Glover, they've also just released an instrumental album entitled 'Kubrick'; a tribute to director Stanley Kubrick with tracks featuring names of different characters from his movies.