When 01.06.2013

Dave Franco and Isla Fisher are interviewed about their new magician movie 'Now You See Me'. They talk about card tricks, Isla being the only woman on the team and the very real stunt-work and fight scenes.

'I remember my first day of rehearsal. they basically locked me in a room, gave me a stack of playing cards, set up a banana across the room and told me to try to cut it in half by throwing it cards at it', Dave recalls. 'He's the only one with any natural prowess and actually could be a magician, he was pretty phenomenal to see', Isla adds. On being the only woman in the magic group, Isla admits she barely noticed. 'I never felt like the only woman among The Horsemen, these guys are just so nice. It never crossed my mind', she admits. Dave mentions that he and co-star Mark Ruffalo did all their own stunt-work. 'We both played sports our whole lives so we insisted on doing all of our own stunts and it was so much fun for me', he says, while Isla adds that she loves the realism of the movie. 'Everything you really see us do, aside from the odd special effect, we actually do and a magician could do', she explains.


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