Roberts enjoyed the original approach of the script. "I hadn't read anything like it," she says. "I feel like people are always trying to incorporate social media into television and movies and it's so hard to do in a interesting way. But I saw this to be really relevant and captivating."

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco seen in Nerve

And she couldn't imagine anyone else as her costar. "I remember reading it and thinking the only person who could play the role of Ian was Dave Franco. They went out to him and I texted him, 'Please do this. You will love it. It will be so much fun!'"

And Franco had a great time making the movie. "I've done mostly comedies," he says, "so people maybe were a little bit more hesitant to cast me in a role that was more dramatic. But I love doing this stuff just as much. Comedies have a certain appeal to them, because inherently you're having a good time trying to make each other laugh. But we're kind of doing the same thing on this one. Even though some of the subject matter is pretty serious, we were laughing all day and just trying to keep things light."

Roberts says she especially enjoyed shooting the film at night on location in Manhattan. "I had spent so much time there and yet I saw parts of it I hadn't seen before," she says. "I definitely did stuff in this movie that I would never do in real life!"

One memorable stunt sees the couple stripping down to their underwear and making a mad dash through Bergdorf Goodman department store. "It's on screen for maybe five to 10 minutes, but it took two days to shoot," Franco laughs. "So that's us in our underwear in front of hundreds of crew members for two days. So that was cool."

Roberts has enjoyed reactions to the film. "A lot of people are already saying that this movie is looking five minutes into the future," she says. "People are already doing stuff like this on YouTube similar to what our characters are doing in the film."

To which Franco notes an obvious parallel in the streets right now: "If you like Pokemon Go, you are going to love our movie."

Watch the trailer for Nerve: