Dave Franco and Alison Brie have started production work on 'Somebody I Used to Know'.

The 36-year-old actor and Alison, 38 - who tied the knot in 2017 - have joined forces to make the new rom-com film, which Dave is directing from a script written by his wife, Collider reports.

The film tells the story of a woman called Ally - who is played by Alison - who starts to question her life choices after reminiscing with an ex-boyfriend.

Ally becomes even more uncertain of herself when when she meets Cassidy, who reminds the central character of her younger self.

The cast also includes Dani Pudi - who stars alongside Alison in the comedy show 'Community' - and Evan Jonigkeit, who stars alongside Dave in the TV series 'Easy'.

Meanwhile, Alison previously admitted that she feels closer than ever to Dave since the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Hollywood star thinks the experience has been beneficial for their relationship.

Speaking about their lockdown experience, she shared: "It all really ebbed and flowed, I guess, because none of us knew how long it was going to last.

"Dave and I went through the first couple months in party mode, thinking we’re on vacation – let’s drink wine, let’s make a lot of pasta. And then we like, it’s going on for longer, so let’s go into culinary experimental mode where we’re trying to make new dishes and things like that.

"And then we got into health mode, and then we also were in creative mode, and we were doing a lot of writing together … So, I mean, I think we feel closer than ever."