Funnyman Dave Chappelle is trying to cut the 'N' word out of his TV specials because he hates to hear white fans using the term when they think he's OK with it.

The comedian even had a segment on his THE DAVE CHAPPELLE SHOW about an all-white family, called the Niggars - but he admits the word is being misused and he's part of the problem.

Chappelle says, "That word can still start a fight... I still say it in personal conversation with my friends, I say it sometimes on stage at the comedy club and I'm not gonna make a promise that I won't say it again on television but right now I just feel like people aren't responsible enough.

"There are certain things I've been through in the last year and there's certain things I've heard people say and also all of the older black women in my family... they really get on to me about it."