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A Date For Dave Chappelle's Netflix Comedy Special Is Finally Revealed

Dave Chappelle Netflix

It's been a long, long time, but Dave Chappelle is finally back with an all new comedy event coming exclusively to Netflix this Spring. In fact, he'll be debuting not one but two stand-up specials to celebrate his return to the comedy circuit.

Dave ChappelleDave Chappelle returns for Netflix special

After an extremely successful moment hosting 'Saturday Night Live' in November 2016, this seasoned comedian is releasing his first stand-up TV special twelve years after his last output 'Dave Chappelle: For What It's Worth'. The new teaser trailer has arrived featuring Dave in black and white, smoking and looking contemplative as various jokes about Martin Luther King, O.J. Simpson and Bigfoot from his routine play out as a voiceover. 

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Dave Chappelle Lands Three Netflix Comedy Specials

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle will be making his return to the small screen next year, with three comedy specials set to air on Netflix.

The projects will be the first television specials the comedian has done in 12 years and they follow on from his stint hosting the first post-election ‘Saturday Night Live’, which gave the show its best rating in three years last weekend.

Dave ChapelleDave Chappelle is coming to Netflix

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Dave Chappelle To Host 'Saturday Night Live'

Saturday Night Live Dave Chappelle

Saturday Night Live’ has announced that Dave Chappelle is to host an episode of the long-running sketch and news series for the first time in his career on November 12th – which will also be the first episode after the US election.

The 43 year old actor and comedian will be hosting ‘SNL’ in what is sure to be an emotionally charged episode, regardless of the outcome of next Tuesday’s election (November 8th).

Dave ChappelleDave Chappelle is to host 'Saturday Night Live' on November 12th

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Dave Chappelle Explains Why He "Loves Television," And Opens Up About His "Self-Imposed Exile"

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle's Long-awaited return to showbiz, after dropping out of sight nearly 10 years ago, his being triumphant as the comedian was recently named one of GQ's Men of the Year, along with Chris Pratt, Ansel Elgort, Steve Carrell and (a woman) Shailene Woodley.

Chappelle has had a triumphant return to showbiz

But Chappelle isn't finished yet as he is determined to conquer the world of television once again, and revealed to the magazine's December issue his future career aspirations. "For one year, I want to do this thing where I guest-star on as many television shows as I possibly can. I love television," he admitted.

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Unlikely Pairings - When Comedians And Musicians Come Together

The Killers Jimmy Carr Kasabian Noel Fielding Arcade Fire Jonathan Ross Ed Sheeran Tim Minchin Dave Chappelle Kanye West

Following surprising reports that Las Vegas rockers The Killers invited British comedian Jimmy Carr to join them onstage at V Festival, Contact Music looks at five of the most unlikely pairings from the worlds of comedy and music:

Jimmy CarrBritish comedian Jimmy Carr joined The Killers onstage at this year's V Festival

1) The Killers and Jimmy Carr

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Comedian Dave Chappelle Recalls Hilarious First Encounter Meeting Kanye West

Dave Chappelle

After several years of avoiding chat shows and interviews, Dave Chappelle is back on the circuit and is as hilarious as ever.

The 40 year-old comedian stopped by Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' on Friday (June 13th) mainly to promote his nine-show run at Radio City Music Hall.

But it is when he recalls meeting Kanye West for the first time that has garnered people's attention.

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David Chappelle Tried A "Reverse Kramer" On Those "Young White Alcoholics"

Dave Chappelle Michael Richards

When Michael Richards went crazy on stage, calling people all kind of awful things, many – including himself – thought his career was over. For some reason, far be it from us to guess why, David Chappelle’s attempt at the reverse hasn’t been treated with the same vitriol.

Dave ChappelleDave Chappelle cruising in his Range Rover circa 2008

But by Chappelle’s own admission, he was "I wanted to pull a 'reverse Kramer' and call them all 'crackers' or something like that."

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Chris Brown And Rihanna Spotted Making Out In New York’s ‘Griffin’ Nightclub

Chris Brown Rihanna Nicole Scherzinger Karrueche Tran Dave Chappelle Tyson Beckford Chris Rock

Chris Brown and Rihanna, back together? It’s certainly looking that way, after the couple were spotted smooching at New York City nightspot Griffin this week. Just one week after Brown and Nicole Scherzinger were forced to play down rumors of a romance, the ‘Run It!’ singer appears to have reignited his controversial relationship with Ri-Ri.

According to the reliable folk at E! Online, Brown was initially joined by Bow Wow at his own table inside the club, before Rihanna arrived and sat in a separate booth. Later in the evening, Brown climbed over to join Rihanna at her table before somewhat bizarrely taking off his shirt. It seemed to do the trick though because before long, the former couple were dancing and making out. Brown eventually left the club just before 4am, with Rihanna following suit around five minutes later. Representatives for both stars are remaining suspiciously silent on the story and let’s not forget: Brown is still on probation for beating the Barbadian singer before the Grammy Awards in 2009. Nevertheless, they have remained close and even shared a friendly kiss at the MTV Video Music Awards last month.

Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran was noticeably absent from the club this week, though Dave Chappelle, Tyson Beckford and Chris Rock were all in attendance. In a further twist, one eyewitness claims to have spotted Rihanna and Chris Brown leaving the Gansevoort Hotel together the following day. Coincidence?

You've Got Mail Review

What a complete waste of time. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I saw a movie where it caused such a painful experience. It was so bad that during the last half-hour I fell asleep. Luckily my friends were there to wake me up. Why is this happening anymore? I know people still have faith in the romantic-comedy genre but this is really ridiculous. Taking the same story and molding it a little different each time isn't fun to watch anymore.

You've Got Mail is about a woman named Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan), who's children's book store is in danger of being put out of business because of a new Barnes and Noble type book super store, owned by Joe Fox (Tom Hanks). When they meet each other they (of course) hate each other. What's the problem? They don't know that the other one is their favorite e-mail buddy. The premise is actually creative but they don't do anything with it. Hanks and Ryan have the unnecessary romances with Parker Posey and Greg Kinnear at the beginning, but the audience knows better. We know they're going to be history in about forty-five minutes. Bored yet?

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Blue Streak Review


There seems to be an unwritten rule that movies starring ex-stand-up comedians must come to a grinding halt at some point for the star to have a vanity improv scene.

Every Robin Williams has such moments -- even his syrupy, sentimental pictures. Every Martin Lawrence movie does too. In "Blue Streak," the improv moment comes when Lawrence dons a nappy pigtails wig, gnarly false teeth, body padding and a velour jogging suit to pose as a hyperactive pizza delivery boy.

For that one scene, any common sense regarding the story is put on pause and Lawrence cuts loose with an epileptic booty bump dance and a lot of babbling smack, all of which is designed to produce seat-bouncing laughs (it doesn't), but has little to do with the movie.

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