The Datsuns

The Datsuns supported by Do Me Bad Things Manchester Academy 2 (28/09/04) - live Review

The Datsuns supported by Do Me Bad Things Manchester Academy 2 (28/09/04)

Idly ambling into the almost junior school dinner hall style venue that is Manchester Academy 2, I start to quicken my step on hearing that the curiously colourful nine piece; Do Me Bad Things from Croydon are about spring into action. Then I hear the words; "They are said to be the next The Darkness", by the time I try to turn around it is too late and they are their in all their glory right before my eyes. One of their three lead singers, the ever present Chantal Delusional is throwing her funky and soulful voice right at me. Then I saw why The Darkness comparisons were being made, as the hybrid of Adam Ant and Justin Hawkins himself that is Nicolai Prowse, sauntered onto stage to pump some glam rock fuel into this multi functional engine of rock craziness and it really started to rev up.

Just as the crowd were warming to Prowse's seductively provocative vocals and stage presence that incorpoareted dirty dancing up to Chantal, he would disappear. Before you had chance to gather your thoughts (and believe me you have many when this band is on stage), his replacement The Woods would come in with his deep; early days

The Datsuns supported by Do Me Bad Things Manchester Academy 2 (28/09/04) - live Review
The Datsuns supported by Do Me Bad Things Manchester Academy 2 (28/09/04) - live Review

Nirvana range to add integrity and depth. While all this is going on two glamorously dressed lasses 'oohh aahh' and generally gyrate. The band at times, is like seven or eight people having their own party on stage and, the tag team approach to singing worked wonders. Any floating voters were won over when the classic metal mixed with the guitar riffs that epitomised the mod era rung out in set highlight; 'The Song Rides'. With The Woods in the line up DMBT tease the purists, as it is impossible to dismiss them with the ease it is to cast aside The Darkness.

Dolf De Datsun led his troop on to stage with his usual vigour and enthusiasm prior to rattling through tracks from new album; 'Oughta Sight/Outta Mind' early on. This second album waters down in some respects the all out AC/DC drag racing with The Sonics self titled debut, with it being evident that Dolf was in a slightly more somber and focused mood tonight. Phil did the majority of the talking, riling the mosh pit following 'Lady'; the first track from their debut album urging them to be more graceful if they; "want some lovin". Newer tracks 'Girls Best Friend' and the tender 'Cherry Lane' were slow enough to give people the chance to gracefully gyrate. Not that they took it, preferring to wait for the double whammy of favourites; 'Sitting Pretty' and 'Harmonic Generator' to explode into some frenetic pit action.

The Datsuns have moved on from the all out garage rock simplicity that summed up their NME new rock revolution days to instil some depth into their set up. Older tracks such as the explosive and simple 'Motherfucker From Hell' has lost none of its snapiness, coupled with the old B side 'Supergyration' still evoked enthusiastic responses. However, It is the snazzier instrumentals of the newer tracks that will have left the lasting impression from tonight's set.

Katherine Tomlinson