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Dashboard Confessional
Dusk and Summer
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Dashboard Confessional Dusk and Summer Album

At the age of 31 you might have thought Chris Carraba would have matured as a singer/songwriter, yet emo's golden-boy still continues to paint the soundtrack to the lifestyles of 14 year olds the world over with his tales of adolescent love.

Chris Carraba and his Dashboard Confessional outfit certainly know how to exploit the music industry's teenage market. The Florida based band's third album "Dusk and summer" is all the proof you need. This emo-rock record is awash with tried & tested pop melodies/harmonies, culminating in a record where each and every track would make a hugely successful single or easily feature as a soundtrack to a teen-movie blockbuster. For that, you could give Dashboard Confessional some credit, but I prefer not to.

What we must not forget is that Dusk and Summer is all route one material, aimed at the teenage market, overrun with clichés with not a hint of anything remotely challenging insight. And just to top things off Carraba's whiny angst fuelled vocals are enough to make any man cry…for the wrong reasons.

Do us all a favour Chris. Grow up.

Colin Burrill

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