Singer/songwriter Daryl Hall has launched a bitter tirade against the music industry - branding the business "corrupt". The 61-year-old shot to fame in the late 1970s as one half of music duo Hall + Oates, and has since found success as a solo artist, but his long-running career has left him wary of showbusiness and music executives. Hall insists his life was made miserable by "asshole A+R people" and "media bulls**t" and is embracing the digital age, as he believes modern technology will give artists more freedom from the music industry hierarchy. He says, "I think it's a really interesting time to be in the world of music because I have always hated the establishment. I dealt with it my whole f**king career and I hated it - all that bulls**t that is really irrelevant to creativity. "Kissing the arse of f**king programme directors at radio stations and trying to please asshole A+R people at record companies, none of whom know anything. They're all corrupt jerk-offs - every one of them. "And dealing with pompous know-nothing journalists, who have a mixture of cynicism and naivety - a lethal concoction."