Review of Petals Album by Darlia

English rock band Darlia are set to release their mini album, 'Petals' in February 2015, having already given fans a little taste of what's to come. Anticipation is, of course, high, as this will be a perfect hint of what the band has to offer in the future.

Darlia Petals Album

Frontman Nathan Day's raspy, prevailing voice is works well for the music he and his fellow band members, Dave Williams and Jack Bentham, produce together. Even featuring acoustic versions of 'Pandemonium' and 'Candyman', 'Petals' gives a real insight into the raw talent of Darlia. It exudes a strong 90s vibe; a refreshing blast from the past but with a modern twist to it.  

'Stars Are Aligned' flawlessly opens the album in a style reminiscent of Blur, building up the very British rock that is Darlia. The guitar riffs and stomping rhythm grips you, especially in 'I've Never Been To Ohio'. Nathan's voice is a satisfying match to the instrumental, and is especially effective on 'Dear Diary', where the soft guitar is most complementary. The drums pick up with the beat, blending the song smoothly together, creating a real gem for the album. 'Say Your Prayers' has a similar gentle sound, toning down the collection, but still a dazzling addition. Each number has a fading, ambigious intro, giving no indication as to how the song will develop, but each time you are not disappointed with the outcome. 'Queen of Hearts' has very pleasant vocal harmonies which follow a show stopping drum and guitar solo alongside the lyrics, "I couldn't see through glass, all in all I was afraid". The powerful string solo features in most of the tracks, but is yet most prominent in 'Candyman'. This heavy track is a genuine head-banger, and provides the listener with the most fulfilling taste of Darlia's modern fusion. The final two tracks are acoustic versions of 'Pandemonium' and 'Candyman', and it's a real treat to hear Darlia's talent without the hefty rock supporting their lyrics. Nathan Day's intense voice oozes British talent: a treasure of an album finale.

All in all, 'Petals' is a superb mini-album from Darlia. With an upcoming tour with 'The Wombats' happening in April, things are looking very promising for them. If you're a 90s rock fan at heart, this is definitely one for the wish list.


Ruth Buxton-Cook

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