Review of 2 Album by Darker My Love

Review of Darker My Love's album 2

Darker My Love 2 Album

Have you ever been locked in a cupboard?

I have. And although it wasn't that long (so please don't inform social services), when I came out I was still wearing my Gazza RIP shell suit whilst everyone else had moved on to Joe Bloggs jeans and SKP hi-tops with the tongues sticking, in my opinion, too far out.

Far out man.

I felt like I had missed a trick. I feel a bit like Darker My Love have been through a similar treatment, but don't inform social services just yet.

A couple of the tracks took me back a few years. they reminded me of Ocean Colour Scene's first album before Brendan Lynch got involved and injected a bit of rock and coolness on 'Mosely Shoals'. Mostly, this was due to the vocal style being borrowed from the Beatles psychedelic era, as did OCS. I also thought that the track 'White Composition' sounded remarkably like one of the Duckworth Lewis Method tracks which I reviewed quite recently (and loved by the way).

The album was not repulsive in any way and there were some decent tracks on there, but it's just the fact that most of the tracks remind you of other tracks in one form or another, which makes you keep harping on to the main questions. Where's the originality? What's the point of this album? How do I get these guys out of this cupboard? Why is the cupboard so large that you can fit a whole band in it?

The album in places felt a little dated, sort of early to mid nineties rock with reverb soaked vocals and harpsichords clawing back to the late sixties. There's not much attitude, and nothing that's really original in a modern sense. Sorry boys but you missed the boat I'm afraid, and by quite some time.


Pablo 'Gimme Back My Shell Suit' Roffey

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