Scottish singer Darius Campbell vowed to marry his partner Natasha Henstridge after he cheated death in a near-fatal car crash last year (10).
The Colourblind hitmaker cracked several vertebrae in his neck in a road accident last July (10) while on vacation in Spain and he feared he would be left paralysed following the incident.
He went on to make a full recovery and he wed longtime girlfriend Natasha Henstridge in a secret ceremony last month (Feb11).
Campbell now admits the trauma prompted him to finally make their union official.
He tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "I definitely thought about things (after the crash). We realised we'd been there for each other for the most difficult times of our lives. Natasha met my father when he was very ill. Our second date was in the hospital. I wanted him to meet the woman I'd marry. I knew it as far back as then... I've always known the grass is not greener. Wanting to spend your life with someone is a realisation that can take seven years or happens instantly. The year 2011 brought us together."
And Henstridge reveals their brief split at the start of 2010 made her realise she wanted to be with Campbell: "The universe conspired and I saw a lot of things much more clearly."