The former N-Dubz rapper Dappy could face up to three years in jail, after he was found guilty of assault and affray at Guildford Crown Court. Dappy found himself facing charges after he got himself embroiled in a brawl at a petrol station, when he asked some women to get in his car and they refused. He was accused of spitting at and insulting the women and of assaulting the men that stepped in to defend them.

“Not guilty For spitting at the Females but Guilty for defending my self from the 3 Males!!!! #ThisAintRight,” the ‘No Regrets’ singer tweeted yesterday, after hearing the verdict. A couple of hours later, clearly feeling vindicated, he added “U see... I told u I never Spat at No Girl!!!!! ‪#ThisAintRight.” Hmmm, that doesn’t exactly make up for the fact that you got into a fight with the men, though Dappy and reportedly left them with “severe facial injuries.” You are in no way off the hook.

The maximum sentence for Dappy’s crime stands at three years in jail. He denied the allegations that were made against him but also admitted that he was drunk at the time of the incident, which took place in February 2012. 

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