Dappy has promised to reform N-Dubz.

The 'Beautiful Me' rapper found fame with the group - also featuring Fazer and Tulisa - in 2008 when they released their debut album 'Uncle B', but they announced a hiatus in November 2011 after releasing two further records, 'Against All Odds' and 'Love.Live.Life'.

However, the 27-year-old musician is keen to continue his successful solo career before he reunites the trio, despite the group originally claiming the hiatus would only last two years.

He explained: ''I've had three number ones by myself, I want another two under my belt so then you get that respect, then I'll bring back the group.''

The star - who has sons Gino, six, and Milo, four - is hoping to release his second solo album 'Miracles' later this year in a bid to build on the success of 2012's 'Bad Intentions', but said when the group do eventually reform, it will be ''different'' and ''unique''.

He told MTV News: ''You're gonna see N-Dubz and Tulisa and Fazer in a very different way. It's gonna be something very interesting.

''If I bring back the N-Dubz, I'll definitely think of something very smart and unique to come back with.''