Dappy says fishing keeps him ''sane''.

The 'Beautiful Me' rapper - who once admitted to spending £8,000 on tackle - is a keen angler and when he's not writing new music or come back material for his band N-Dubz, he enjoys visits to his local fishing spot where he'll sit for hours in tranquillity and wait to tease a carp out of the water.

He said: ''I love my fishing. Without my fishing I don't know what I would do. It keeps me sane, a million percent.''

The songwriter - who has sons Gino, seven, and Milo, five with his long-term partner Kaye Vassell - has been arrested multiple times for violent behaviour towards members of the public and caught taking methadone in a nightclub.

But Dappy, 28, says it was all part of ''growing up'' and blamed it on being effected by fame.

He said: ''Growing up doing a load of silly things it was just being young and spontaneous and fame just got to my head a little bit and I thought I was untouchable, but at the end of the day we are all human, I've got a mum that loves me and I've got two kids. We all do mistakes. But it's been a great journey man.''

Meanwhile, with new single 'Money Can't Buy' out and a new album expected to drop before Christmas, Dappy is looking to the future with excitement.

Speaking on chat show 'Lorraine' about his latest track, he said: ''Just looking at it now I've grown so much from all the crazy silly hats. It's time to sell some records now. I've had three number ones by myself and I want five.''