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25th March 2015

Fact: Movie tough guy Danny Trejo is adding restaurateur to his resume - the MAChete star is opening diner Trejo's Tacos in Los Angeles this spring (15).kl

29th January 2015

Fact: Steve Buscemi and Machete star Danny Trejo have revisited the 1970s for a new Super Bowl Snickers candy ad. The two intense actors have been superimposed into a wholesome Brady Bunch episode - as Tv sisters Marsha and Jan.

8th October 2013

Quote: "When she came out in that outfit, it was like the first time your daughter walked out in a bikini... (We were all like), 'Hell, no!'" Movie tough guy Danny Trejo on working with former child star Alexa Vega in MAChete sequel, MAChete Kills.

15th November 2011

Quote: "Back in the late '50s, early '60s it was a different era. The response time was about 15 to 16 minutes; eight minutes, maybe, if the police were driving nearby. Now it's a losing game. You do a robbery and get $800 in credit card receipts. Nobody has cash anymore." Reformed armed robber Danny Trejo insists crime doesn't pay anymore.

2nd September 2010

Quote: "He’s so imposing physically to look at. I was a little afraid of him. But then you meet him and it’s like there’s a child inside. He’s so pure." Michelle Rodriguez on MACHETE co-star Danny Trejo.

2nd September 2010

Quote: "I’ve gone from ex-con to icon... It’s an honour to be the first Latino superhero." Reformed lawbreaker Danny Trejo on his new status as a movie star. The grizzled actor leads the all-star cast in Robert Rodriguez's new film MAChete.

23rd July 2010

Quote: "I honestly believe that she might need the break. She might just need a break to get grounded and just chill out for about 30 days and see where her life is... If there are people around her that aren't saying, 'Hey, stop!' then she needs to get rid of them." Lindsay Lohan's MACHETE co-star Danny Trejo is convinced the actress' jail sentence will do her some good.

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