You may have to do a double take when watching the Snickers’ Superbowl commercial this Sunday. While the advert takes us back in time to the familiar world of 'The Brady Bunch', something just isn’t quite right as Marcia and Jan look remarkably like tough guy actors Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi.

Danny TrejoDanny Trejo takes on his toughest role yet in the Snickers Superbowl commercial

The advert is a take on the much loved series’ most famous episode, the one where Marcia gets hit in the face with a football, breaking her nose. But there’s a twist, as this Marcia is a lot angrier and resembles Desperados star Danny Trejo.

Using some digital trickery and taking its cue from Weezer’s 1994 'Buddy Holly' video (which saw the band inserted into ‘Happy Days’) Trejo is transported into 'The Brady Bunch' opposite stars Florence Henderson and the late Robert Reed.

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The clip begins with Trejo, sorry Marcia, holding an axe and telling mom Carole that Peter hit her in the face with a football and exclaiming “I cant go to the dance like this.”

Watch the Snickers' Superbowl advert here:

After Carole assures her it was just an accident Marcia responds, "An eye for an eye. That's what dad always says.” Mike Brady then tells his daughter, "I've never said that, honey,” before Carole hands Marcia a Snickers in the hope it will calm her down.

After eating the candy bar Marcia looks a lot more like we remember her, i.e. more Maureen McCormick and less Danny Trejo. But it appears little sister Jan could also benefit from a chocolatey treat as she appears at the end looking awfully like Steve Buscemi.

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The candy company have also released a behind-the-scenes video ahead of Sunday's big game, revealing how they managed to insert Trejo and Buscemi into the classic 70s sitcom.