Danny Trejo is the star of "every movie" he's in.

The 66-year-old 'Desperado' actor - who is known for his recognisable facial features - admitted he is so popular with his fellow Mexicans that they hero-worship him, even if he has a minor role in a film.

He explained: "We were in Ancuna in Mexico filming 'Desperado' and nobody knew who Antonio Banderas was - back then he was still a Spaniard. I'm standing there without a shirt on, and all of these people are crowding round me for autographs, all Mexican people.

"Director Robert Rodriguez comes up and says, 'Maybe they think you're the star of the movie'. I said, 'I am! I'm the star of every movie I'm in.' "

Despite the actor's recent success in 'Machete' - which also stars Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba - he admitted his mother still urges him to get "a real job", unless he appears in something she likes.

Danny said: "I'd visit her and say, 'I just made a movie with Robert De Niro'. She'd say, 'Oh, it's just play-acting, get a real job'.

"And then I had four days on TV soap 'The Young and The Restless' and sure enough my mom screamed, 'Ah, mijo, you finally made it!'"