Review of 718 Sessions Album by Danny Krivit

Review of Danny Krivit's album 718 Sessions released on Nervous Records.

Danny Krivit 718 Sessions Album

Danny Krivit is a DJ stalwart of the New York club scene having mixed with some the most influential musical legends of our time like James Brown and John Lennon. His DJ sets are legendary and mix tapes outstanding. Being exposed to a plethora of music his sets have always been known to rock the dancefloor and the '718 Sessions' from his recent tour is a new mix tape specifically in the genre of disco house.

Indeed it is and we get 13 tracks of disco house. There are some great artists on here like Jazzy Jeff with 'House Of Tribe' and Larry Levan favourite BT Express 'Peace Pipe'. I particularly like Krivit's edit of 'Spread Love' by Freddy Turner. The tracks roll together, mixed well and floats along with nice vocal melodies and harmonies as all good house music should.

If you've never heard this kind of music before it's not a bad place to start. If you have heard this kind of music before it's more of the same. For myself there was nothing particularly that grabbed me or shocked me. It's well executed disco house full of positive vibes but I've already heard this sound before. Unfortunately I can't really say much more.

Tareck Ghoneim

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