Actor Danny Glover has been given $18 million (GBP9 million) by the Venezuelan government to direct a political movie about the 18th century Haitian revolution. The Lethal Weapon star - and ardent supporter of the country's president, Hugo Chavez - will go behind the camera to direct the historical film about the slave uprising which sparked a revolution in Haiti 200 years ago. The movie, entitled Toussaint, tells the true story of freed revolutionary slave Toussaint Louverture, which will be played by Hotel Rwanda's Don Cheadle. Glover says, "It's so advanced that you can taste it. We've scouted locations within 75 kilometres (45 miles) of (Venezuelan capital) Caracas. I can do everything I need to do with this film from here." Glover, who recently appeared in anti-globalisation movie Bamako, is determined the new film will help re-write the history books. He adds, "It's been essentially wiped out of our historic memory, it's been wiped clean."