Actor Danny Glover flew the breadth of the U.S. to join workers staging a protest outside a poultry processing plant.

The Lethal Weapon star, a keen activist, travelled from his home in San Francisco, California to North Carolina on the East Coast to support staff at Mountaire Farms in their bid to unionise the workforce.

He donned a yellow United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1208 T-shirt and cap to stand alongside protesters on the frontline outside the plant in Lumber Bridge.

Glover tells, "I believe in it, man. I want this country to be a better place. I'm wanting to leave this place - because I'm going to leave here sometime like we're all going to leave here - believing we did everything we could to make it a better place...

"We need to show how the workers are supported as they fight for better working conditions, better pay and living wage. Clearly, there's an issue with inequity in this country and in the world itself. We find it the most glaring in the most powerful and richest country in the world."

Before joining the protest last week (ends08Aug14), Glover gave a speech to union members and Mountaire Farms staff during lunch at a nearby venue.