Danny Elfman is no stranger to the world of composing, and is without a doubt one of the most acclaimed and recognisable composers in the entertainment industry today. Recently completing work on the DC Extended Universe's latest release, 'Justice League', his imprint is one that was strongly left, with his traditional tones taking shape and really setting the stage for the movie.

Danny Elfman worked on the music for 'Justice League'Danny Elfman worked on the music for 'Justice League'

Within the world of superheroes, Elfman has in the past gone to work on Tim Burton's 'Batman' and 'Batman Returns', so to see some of the score used in those films crop up again in specific 'Justice League' scenes really sent the fans wild. It was a move that meant those who loved the classics felt right at home within the DCEU, perhaps for the first time in a DCEU movie.

Despite this move for 'Justice League', it's not one that's been made for DCEU entries of the past, and Elfman isn't afraid to wade into the discussion about a lack of a consistent theme.

Speaking about DC films of the present day and comparing them to those of the past, Elfman revealed his disappointment at the lack of musical continuity. He explained to The Hollywood Reporter: "The whole concept that every time a superhero franchise is rebooted with a new director, then you have to start the music from scratch is a bulls**t idea. It’s only for the ego of the director or the composer. They need to learn the incredible lesson that 'Star Wars' and 'James Bond' have known for ages, which is that keeping these musical connections alive is incredibly satisfying for the people who see those films."

It's true that some of the biggest film franchises in the world have instantly-recognisable musical scores. In fact, they're part of making the viewer feel they're a part of the world they're watching on the big screen, bringing familiarity and adding yet another layer to the success the franchises see.

Moving forward, it'll be very interesting to see how DCEU filmmakers continue on with the use of music in films that follow 'Justice League'.

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'Justice League' is available now in cinemas.