Apart from our own take on the movie, It’s difficult to even find a set of reviews for Danny Dyer’s Vendetta. And it would be nice to believe they’ve just not been filed yet, but the sinking feeling – for Danny Dyer anyway – is that most of the lazy movie critics can't even be bothered to see it let alone write about it.


It attempts to tell a thrilling, personal story in a dilapidated Britain, but manages to conform to its low budget, even if director of photography Haider Zaifar tries his best to hide the budget. "Dyer is unflinching and remorseless as a killer who won't be stopped until he's done or dies trying,” writes Stuart Wright of Britflicks.com, in his review.

“Each set piece is uniquely twisted and proves Vickers' sense of revenge has made him much crueler (sic) than the sorrowful characters he is pursuing. A stand out method is the cement down the throat death of one hoodie-wearing scrote.” 

Something tells us a website with the remit of championing British film isn't exactly watching Vendetta with an objectionable set of eyes...

“It wants to be taken seriously as a study of grief and Broken Britain, though its eye-for-eye violence is made especially unpalatable by the inventiveness of the kills,” write Total Film. That’s more like it. But Total film aren’t completely dismissive – like us – and seem to give Dyer the benefit of the doubt. 

“But viewed as a Brit answer to ’70s and ’80s exploitation flicks, endless Seagal movies and First Blood (Dyer is rogue SAS; his colonel issues Trautman-esque warnings), it’s surprisingly decent,” they continue.

Our own Rich Cline said: "Packed with cliches, there's nothing remotely original about this East London crime thriller, which seems to be based on other similar movies rather than an original story or characters." You can read his full review on the next page.

If Dyer and director Stephen Reynolds were aiming for ‘surprisingly decent’, then they absolutely nailed it. But for an actor so ridiculed and so mocked, isn’t it about time he stopped with these hard-as-nails roles and started taking the mick out of himself? At least then people would be laughing with him.

The Brit crime drama is out tomorrow (Nov 22) in U.K cinemas.

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