Danny Dyer loved playing a murderer in his new film because it was such a departure from his normal roles.

The British actor is famous for his gangster and hardman roles in movies such 'The Football Factory', 'The Business' and 'Dead Man Running' but in 'Deviation' he plays Frankie Norton - a Dangerous psychopath who escapes from jail and car-jacks young nurse Amber (Anna Walton) and takes her hostage to help him escape from the UK.

He loved getting to grips with the dark character because they were so many layers to Frankie's personality.

Danny exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I didn't want to play him obvious and just play him nasty. I wanted you to see that there are different layers to him. It was a really interesting character to play. I could be as weird as I wanted because he's a bit of a schizophrenic and there's moments when he's laughing and then he just snaps.

"It's such a fun character to play because you can go where you want with it. You haven't got to worry about over acting. It was a tough job but I loved it."

The 34-year-old actor worked with director J.K. Amalou on 'Deviation' - which is released in cinemas on February 24 and it is available to buy on DVD from February 27 - and has revealed he has more projects lined-up with the filmmaker.

Danny said: "We're going to do another movie together called 'Deceit' and that's, like, a sort of horror movie. I can't give too much away about it but we're going to start shooting that in April. He wants to do three films with me. It all depends on the success of 'Deviation' really. We've got a lot riding on it. But I'm really proud of it and if anything it's a good piece of entertainment. There's no chance to get bored watching it."