After a difficult year, Danny Dyer’s daughter has revealed that her father is now teetotal, saying that he “doesn’t drink anymore”.

Dyer’s 21 year old daughter Dani, who is now an actress in her own right, opened up about family life and how her dad is coping after a turbulent year in which he took a break from his role in ‘EastEnders’ to solve his drinking problem once and for all.

Speaking to the Daily Star this week ahead of her appearance on reality show ‘Survival of the Fittest’, Dani said: “He’s always been at home. With my mum and dad, you’re going to always get horrible things said about your family but they’re really strong now.”

Danny DyerDanny Dyer has gone teetotal

“They got married. He needed a place near ‘EastEnders’. He works late nights but he’s home,” she said, then adding: “My dad doesn’t drink anymore.”

40 year old Dyer, who made his name in films such as The Business and The Football Factory at the start of the Noughties, suffered a huge career blip towards the end of the decade and was nearly declared bankrupt, in his own words, before landing his role on ‘EastEnders’ as pub landlord Mick Carter at the end of 2013.

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However, he reportedly flew to South Africa at the start of 2017 in order to “sort his life out”, taking a break from the long-running BBC soap after fears were raised about his drinking habits.

Dani’s words come a few days after her dad warned her about doing anything “silly” on the reality show, which starts this Sunday (February 11th) on ITV2 – billed as a replacement for the hit show ‘Love Island’.

She reacted to his words in the new interview: “When I first told him, like any dad, he had his protective hat on and said, ‘Don’t do anything silly’. Now he is getting it and he said ‘It feels real now and I’m so proud of you’. He knows the person I am and he is really excited and it’s nice to have that support at home. He probably will be emotional as well. My mum and dad will be watching it every single night.”

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