Danny Dyer has reportedly been forced to take a break for a “number of weeks” from the set of ‘Eastenders’, after producers told him he needed to “sort his life out” following a reputed string of drunken benders.

Sources told The Sun on Thursday (February 16th) that the 39 year old actor, who plays The Queen Vic’s landlord Mick Carter, had sparked concern among the BBC soap’s producers when he fell off the wagon at last month’s National Television Awards, in his battle to quit drinking.

Danny DyerDanny Dyer pictured in May 2016

Having increasingly appeared “exhausted” when turning up to work in recent weeks, Dyer is being forced to recuperate and recover, despite the chaos that scriptwriters are facing in his absence because he is the show’s biggest name and a central character to a number of plotlines.

“The producers are concerned about him for a number of reasons,” a source told the tabloid. “It was clear to onlookers he appeared very drunk at the NTAs. It is best that he takes some time out to sort his life out.”

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Dyer came to fame over ten years ago in a number of successful ‘lads’ films, including The Football Factory and The Business, followed by a long fallow period that eventually ended when he was cast as his character in ‘EastEnders’ in December 2013.

It’s a part for which he’s won a great deal of acclaim, including a number of NTAs, but at January’s ceremony this year he was seen to be rather the worse for wear.

“He appears to be exhausted. As a result, Danny is not filming on the show at all. There is an enforced break that is expected to last a number of weeks At the end of the day, he remains the biggest star of the show — so everyone is determined to get him back to his best.”

He previously alluded that he enjoys the odd tipple on set. “There are a couple of good pumps. They tried to put non-alcoholic beer in there but it don't come out properly,” he told Jonathan Ross in 2014. “On a good day I slip over to the good pumps and have half a lager… not taking the p**s, as I don't want to get in trouble. You have to keep yourself busy behind the bar.”

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