The daughter of ‘Eastenders’ star Danny Dyer has hit out at the “bulls**t lies” she says are being written about her father.

Dani Dyer, 20, took to Twitter on Sunday, after reports over the weekend accused her father of annoying his fellow cast members with his “bad behaviour” on set.

Danny Dyer Danny Dyer’s daughter has hit out against “lies” written about her father

Dani tweeted: “I swere to god if I see one more b******* lie about my dad on stupid papers stupid stupid stupid people (sic).”

According to The Evening Standard, Dani later added: “I know you need to feed your family but why don't you write about what's happening in the world? Stay the f*** out of my family life!”, but the tweet has since been deleted.

Over the weekend ‘Eastenders’ bosses were forced to deny allegations about Dyer’s bad behaviour on set. In a statement a spokesperson for the BBC soap said: “There is absolutely no truth in any of these allegations.

“Danny is always a consummate professional. Danny has never walked off set, nor has he ever lost his temper or been rude to anyone at work. Danny is an extremely popular member of cast and respected by everyone on the show.”

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According to The Mirror, Dyer has now flown to South Africa to rest-up and recuperate, before returning to the show. A source told the newspaper: “Danny knows he has to rest-up and recuperate.

“He has been ground down by the workload on EastEnders and then partying on top of it. This trip is going to do him the world of good. He can remain anonymous there and he can properly rest."