Danny Devito loves Twitter.

The 68-year-old actor thinks the social networking site is the best place to unleash his silly side and is glad his habit of posting pictures of his right foot in unusual locations - including peeking out from behind the Jonas Brothers and being licked by a cat in China - has gone down so well with his fans.

He enthused: ''I love it. My first tweet was, 'My balls are on fire!' And they were. I was doing a show and excited about it so wanted to share it with the world. I like to post pictures of my right foot in various places. It's called Troll Foot.

''I've snapped it up the Eiffel tower and all over the world. It's just my thing. And besides, I have got a very good-looking foot.''

However, the 'Batman Returns' star hasn't got the luxury of being so open about his life when it comes to the paparazzi and had to use his now grown-up children Lucy, Grace and Jacob as a cover up to sneak out of boring events.

He confessed to Radio Times magazine: ''I've walked out of a couple of plays on Broadway because they were so tedious. ''Luckily I had my kids with me, because if I walk out of a play it's in the papers.

''And it was [once]! I got the call asking me why I walked and I told them my kids were ill. Great excuse.''