If Danny Devito’s dream holiday doesn’t make you believe in love, then nothing will. After a brief separation last year, the actor and his wife Rhea Pearlman have rekindled their relationship and are even going on a romantic getaway to the Galapagos islands. There aren't many things more romantic than watching turtles on the beach. The pair originally married in 1982. They co-starred in the 1996 movie Matilda and are one of the longest running celebrity couples with a track record of three whole decades. They have three children together.

Danny DeVito
The 69-year-old is whisking his wife away on an island getaway over the holidays.

In December 2012, DeVito and Perlman announced their split, with “a source” for RadarOnline explaining that the two had grown apart in recent months.

“It was a necessity, Danny kind of took Rhea for granted for a few years and their marriage went stale because of that," explained RadarOnline's source. "They rarely did anything together and he was distracted with filming It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which meant their marriage took a hit."

Rhea Perlman
The pair have been together for over 30 years. 

According to the source, DeVito has worked very hard to win back his wife. “Danny has been moving heaven and earth to win Rhea back – and it has worked,” a source claiming to be close to the couple told the website. Now the two have not only worked it out (as of May this year), they appear to be happier than ever. This might mean that the trip is part of a belated apology present, which would mean that DeVito has quite a knack for apologizing with style.

Danny DeVito
After their split last year, DeVito is commited to making the marriage work.