Maybe he was responding to allegations about his weak tackling, but Sale Rugby Union player and former boyfriend of Kelly Brook Danny Cipriani probably shouldn’t go about taking on double decker buses to prove his doubters wrong.

The BBC reports that the former England fly-half was out with team mates on an end of season booze crawl, the infamous Otley Run in Leeds that takes in some 16 pubs and bars. Many do it in fancy dress if they’re utter goons. And most people who do it are – heck we did it once. Anyway, Cipriani was presumably more than a few pints down as he ran across the road, apparently misjudging the pace at which the bus was going (we reckon he’s used that excuse before on the field,) and getting utterly clocked.

We’re joking about it because Cipriani is expected to leave hospital shortly, but there’s no denying the very real chance there was of him being seriously hurt or worse. "At the moment there doesn't seem to have been any serious damage done. We don't how long he will be out for. It looks like he has been a lucky boy," said someone involved in the incident. A statement from First Bus company, meanwhile, read "No passengers were harmed in the incident and the driver was shaken but didn't suffer any apparent physical injuries. The police have investigated this incident and have reported that First and its driver are not at fault."

Danny Cipriani
Danny Cipriani is lucky to be alive ... having undertaken the Otley Run