Danny Cipriani is dating reality TV star Anna 'AK' Kelle.

The love cheat rugby star appears to have moved on from his relationship with model Kelly Brook, who he reportedly cheated on, and has been spending time with Welsh beauty AK - one of the stars of MTV's 'The Valleys' - in Cardiff, Wales, recently.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''They've known each other for ages, but things have been heating up recently. He got back in touch with Anna when he split from Kelly. She's been up to Manchester to see him a couple of times as well as meeting up with him in Cardiff. And they've been spending even more time with each other over the past couple of weeks.''

The 25-year-old sportsman was dumped by stunning Kelly, 33, last month after it emerged he had exchanged explicit messages with sales manager Stacey Simcox.

Danny reportedly sent ''filthy messages'' to Stacey and ''begged'' her for sex over the course of eight months.

She said: ''It got progressively more explicit and I just thought, 'What a rat'. He's going out with one of the most stunning and successful women in Britain. I just couldn't understand why he'd stray. Every man fancies Kelly, but that obviously wasn't enough for Danny.''

AK is no stranger to dating a cheating sports star as she was previously linked to Cheryl Cole's ex-husband, soccer player Ashley Cole.