Dream team Leonardo Dicaprio and Danny Boyle may be teaming up once again to work on the Aaron Sorkin-written biopic of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Gatsby actor Leonardo DiCaprio has previously worked with English film director Boyle on the 2000 film The Beach, so the pair are already well acquainted with one another and have proven successes in their back catalogue.

Danny Boyle Steve JobsDanny Boyle will be picking up the Steve Jobs biopic now David Fincher is out

DiCaprio is said to be Boyle's top choice to play Jobs, the Apple co-founder who passed away in 2011 following complications from pancreatic cancer, which he had been suffering with for many years. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming biopic, particularly since director David Fincher, who had been pegged to direct, passed on the role. Fincher was said to have been desperate to cast Oscar-winner Christian Bale in the role, a choice many fans had concurred with. Fincher dropped out of the project due to salary dispute and issues over creative control, and with him the possibility that Bale will don Jobs’ signature black polo neck and glasses.

It seems as though the biopic will be a very director/actor driven project, with potential director’s intent of scoring the role for an actor that they are personally invested in. While Boyle seems set on landing DiCaprio for the role, the actor has just signed up to star in Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s new thriller The Revenant, so it seems as though he would be unable to start filming the Jobs project for some time.

The biopic, which was inspired by Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs will be eagerly anticipated, particularly since the failure of 2013’s jOBS, starring Ashton Kutcher. The film bombed with critics and viewers alike, who felt it failed to truly capture the genius, personality and essence of Jobs. We’ve no doubt Emmy winning Aaron Sorkin will have penned a superb script that makes up for the failings of the previous Steve Jobs movie. Sorkin's previous films, which include The Social Network and Charlie Wilson’s War, fill us with hope that Jobs may finally get the big screen representation that he deserves.

DiCaprio Boyle JobsDanny Boyle is said to want Leonardo DiCaprio to play the lead role in the Steve Jobs film

While DiCaprio may seem like a strange choice compared to Christian Bale who really looked the part, his track record shows that he is adept at becoming any role. His past biopic roles as both Howard Hughes in The Aviator and Hoover in J. Edgar more than attest to this. Let’s just hope these two can stick to the project, with the loss of Fincher and (potentially) Bale things were starting to look a little shaky.

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