Having enjoyed his experience with Trance, Danny Boyle is set to take on the heist genre once again as he agrees to helm a movie adaption of the documentary, Smash & Grab. Pathe and Fox Searchlight will co-finance the movie that will see Boyle team up once again with his long-time producing partner, Christian Colsen, Variety report.

According to Variety, Boyle saw Smash & Grab and thought it was interesting - interesting enough to turn it into a movie. The Pink Panthers – the name Interpol gave the emphatic group of criminals – were renown for their diamond raids. In a timeframe of six years, the gang robbed 120 stores in 20 different countries, from Dubai to Geneva; from Japan to Paris.

Most recently, the Cannes jewellery heist hit the news, and the gang are suspected to have been involved. $136m worth of diamonds, gems and jewellery were stolen from the Carlton Hotel during the famous film festival. Their meticulous attention to detail was what won them success; painting a bench opposite a store they were hitting to ensure no one sat on it and saw them do it, is one example.

Boyle had a good time with Trance; it did well at the box office and pleased the studio, but he won’t have been enamoured with the critical response, which saw the film settle on a 69% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Compared to his standards, that perfectly reasonable score is a touch low. There were rumors that Warner Bros. was interested in Boyle for American Sniper before deciding on Western legend Clint Eastwood to direct.

Danny BoyleDanny Boyle at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences