Danny Boyle is currently working on a new British crime drama set in colonial India that will look at the origins of modern policing in the country, which spread throughout the Empire and eventually back to the British Isles. The man behind the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony has teamed up with Peep Show writers Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain for the period drama, which is currently in the pilot stage.

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Boyle has teamed up with the Peep Show team for the period drama

The show was announced on Thursday (22 August) by chief operating officer of Channel 4, Jay Hunt, who revealed the news during a conference talk at the Edinburgh International Television Festival. During his announcement, he revealed that the show is currently in development and a pilot is being made which, if successful, will eventually become a full series. The series hasn't been named yet, or at least the name hasn't been made public yet, however we are expecting more information about the show to be revealed as progress is made with the pilot.

The new police drama isn't the only new drama series heading to the channel either, as two new series have also been announced for future programming. Also set in British-owned India, the 10-part drama series Indian Summers will be broadcast on the channel in the near future, set in 1932 in the Himalayan resort of Simla, a favourite haunt for the sun-weary colonialists. The channel will also begin airing a new series set in the south London mental health sanatorium Maudsley Hospital. No airing dates were given for The Maudsley or Indian Summer either.

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Danny will continue his relationship with Channel 4

All three men involved with the new police drama have a long-sanding relationship with Channel 4, with Bain and Armstrong having worked on Peep Show for a number of years, having previously worked on the C4 sketch show Smack the Pony. Boyle on the other hand has worked with the channel's movie department, Film 4, on a number of occasions, most notably on the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire. We'll keep you up to date with details on the new show as they emerge.

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Are there more awards for Boyle on their way?