Danny Boyle wanted the cast of 'Trance' to experience hypnosis.

The film director brought in TV star Derren Brown to work with the stars of his art heist thriller - James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel and Rosario Dawson - but was disappointed with the results.

Boyle - who refused to be hypnotised - is quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying: ''I am too much of a control freak.

''They relaxed a lot and went a bit sleepy - but nothing much happened.''

And the filmmaker admits his observations left him confused.

He added: ''I loved Derren's work but used to think people on the show would be actors who were hired.

''Then I thought it's strange how you don't find anyone a few years later moaning they were paid £200 to pretend.''

Boyle recently admitted he didn't think he'd be very good under hypnosis.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''I don't know whether I'm relaxed enough to be the perfect hypnotic subject. I think it might take up too long, hours and hours and hours. Then I'd just be asleep, won't I? I'd like a sleep more than a hypnotism session.''

'Trance' is released today (27.03.13).