In case you’re just finding out that Danity Kane are still a thing, we’re sorry to report that they’re not anymore. The 4-piece girl group launched a reunion tour last year and appeared to be back on their grind after breaking up in 2007. They also released some new music, which achieved limited commercial success.

Danity Kane, Aubrey O'Day, Dawn Richard, Shannon Bex
Danity Kane - Aubrey O'Day [l], Dawn Richard [m] and Shannon Bex [r].

The ladies – Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard, Andrea Fimbres and Shannon Bex (Wanita Woodgette did not return during the 2013 reunion) – have just made the announcement in a letter, which included separate and joint statements from O’Day and Bex. Apparently, it was a disagreement between Bex and Richard that caused the second split.

In her statement, O'Day alleges that a conflict during a recording session earlier in the week turned violent, when the other woman physically assaulted her. Her statement, posted by the LA Times, reads: “During a recent group meeting, a business conversation took a turn for the worst when my group member punched me in the back of my head while I was speaking to another associate. To be clear, she was not physically engaged or threatened prior to her attack on me. I cannot condone or excuse any form of physical violence, particularly at the hands of someone I considered family.”

Aubrey O'Day
O'Day claims she was assaulted without provocation.

Bex corroborated O’Day’s claims of violence in her own statement: “As for the actions that have brought us to this broken ending, I cannot speak for anyone or explain their internal struggles that prompted this heartbreaking sequence of events. All I know is what I have seen. I did not witness a shouting match, a cat fight or a brawl. I witnessed a single direct punch.”

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Richard is yet to comment on the accusations, made by her former bandmates.

Dawn Richard
Dawn Richard is yet to respond to the accusations.