Danielle Lloyd wants to step out of the public eye.

The 36-year-old model - who has sons Archie, nine, Harry, eight, and George, six, with ex-husband Jamie O'Hara and two-year-old Ronnie with spouse Michael O'Neill - thinks it would be good for her whole family if she could avoid the ''negativity'' thrown her way just because she is famous and she's been setting up a new business with her electrician husband.

Speaking to new! magazine, she said: ''I've tried to step away from being in the public eye because a lot of negativity comes from that. I do love being in the industry but there comes a time when you've got to put yourself and your family first.

''I didn't want to be away all the time working, so me and Michael have started our own property development business. People aren't going to want to know about my life for the rest of my life.''

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star admitted she is a very different person now compared to when she began her career because she was in a ''bad way'' with low confidence, anxiety and depression thanks to a string of toxic relationships.

She added: ''I'm a totally different person [now]. When I used to model before, I suffered from really low self-esteem.

''I would put on a front to pretend I was someone I wasn't and then I'd switch myself off again when I came away from the cameras.

''I had really bad anxiety and depression and I suffered with alcohol and drug problems. I ended up in rehab.

''I was in a bad way when I was younger and it was a lot to do with the fact that I was in abusive relationships. Now I'm in a normal, happy relationship, I'm a better person.''