Danielle Lloyd has expressed regret over having a boob job after she was left with "disfigured" breasts. Danielle was a 32E after getting her breasts enlarged at 21, but she had to have the implants taken out when one exploded - leading doctors to discover she was suffering from a life-threatening blood clot.
She told Heat Magazine, "Putting a bikini on for the first time was upsetting, but it's not the size that upsets me, it's my left breast, which is badly disfigured. When I put clothes on, they cover it.To be honest, my small breasts suit a lot of my clothes better". Lloyd - who is engaged to the Wolverhampton Wanderers footballer Jamie O'Hara - says she doesn't want any further enlargement surgery, saying, "I will have to have more surgery, but it will be reconstruction - I'll probably have to have a small implant to fill out the skin. But having small breasts has shown me that I don't need big ones". Danielle has made a successful career from her curvaceous career, but the former glamour model explained, "Look at catwalk models - they have small breasts and they are the most beautiful women in the word. Bigger isn't always better, just be happy with yourself".