Danielle Lloyd keeps changing her mind about having another baby.

The 36-year-old glamour model - who has sons Archie, nine, Harry, eight, and George, six, with ex-husband Jamie O'Hara, and Ronnie, two, with spouse Michael O'Neill - has been open about her plans to use controversial gender selection treatment to have a daughter, but she's now having second thoughts about adding to her brood.

Danielle - who tragically suffered a miscarriage last year - said: ''I've always wanted a daughter, I've been open about that. And gender selection is still a possibility. Some days I think, 'God I love my big family and I'd love a daughter to come into the mix.'

''But other days, I think, 'I'm so grateful for how we are, do I really want to go through pregnancy and do it all again?' It's something we talk about and I change my mind every day.''

Danielle joked that staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic at the moment would be the ideal time to try and get pregnant again - but she just feels too exhausted.

Speaking to the new issue of Closer magazine, she said: ''I expect there'll be a lot of babies in nine months time! Now would be a good time to try for a girl - maybe I'll get pregnant with my girl in lockdown. But saying that, in the evenings, Michael and I are just exhausted.

''And also Ronnie is at that age where he wants to sleep in our bed with us but I'm trying to be strict and get him to sleep in his own room now, mainly so Michael and I can have some privacy.''

Meanwhile, Danielle believes she and Michael may have contracted the respiratory condition several months ago.

She said: ''Michael and I think we may have already had coronavirus as we were really ill while in Dubai last November.

''We had bad coughs, tight chests and couldn't get out of bed. It would be interesting to see if we did have it when tests were available.''