Danielle Lloyd has shocked her fans after posting a photograph on Twitter, revealing the true extent of her dramatic weight loss. The model, who is engaged to Wolverhampton footballer Jamie O'Hara, looks pale and gaunt in the snap and fans have become concerned for her wellbeing.
Lloyd has shrunk down to eight stone having lost 7lbs in just a few days - giving her a Bmi of 17.5. She has been admitted to hospital twice in the past month - she initially booked in for an operation to get her breast implants removed. It was then when doctors discovered a blood clot and she underwent an emergency blood transfusion. Writing on Twitter after posting the shocking photograph, Danielle made light of the situation, saying, "Never been so skinny & Pale!!! Need to get well & get a spray tan I think...I have lost 7lb in 1 week and not on purpose just wanna get better". She later added, "So fed up!! Seriously just wanna feel myself again... Not seen 8st on the scale since I was 16 somethingwrong".
The model was released from hospital on Wednesday (February 22, 2012), and is being cared for by her parents Jackie and Arthur at her home in the Midlands. She gave birth to her second child Harry prematurely in July 2011.