Danielle Lloyd has revealed, via her Twitter page, that she could have been close to death if doctors had not found a blood clot during procedures for a breast augmentation operation. According to The Sun, the glamour model has been in hospital since the discovery was made. Yesterday (February 9, 2012), Danielle Lloyd posted a message that simply read "blood transfusion" accompanied by a sad face symbol. This was followed by a picture of the blood, hanging on a stand, with the tubes visible, with another message saying "1 down 1 to go then hopefully home to my babies tomorrow missing them so much Xxx"
Some Twitter uses were critical of the fact that Lloyd had chosen to have a breast operation and she responded to them by explaining that if she had not had the operation, the blood clot would not have been discovered and she could have died. She thanked her fans for their support and also took time out to thank people that donated blood. She later said that she was not able to have the surgery completed and that her existing implants were removed, due to the potential danger. She added earlier today that she hoped she would get better in time to have them replaced for her forthcoming wedding to Jamie O'Hara.
Lloyd has already had one breast enhancement, in 2007. At that time, her breast size was increased from a 32aa to a 32D. She has been engaged to O'Hara since 2009.