Danielle Lloyd, the British model and former Celebrity Big Brother star, has given birth to her second child ten weeks early. The arrival comes shortly after Lloyd recreated the iconic Demi Moore Vanity Fair 'pregnant' cover for Closer Magazine.
The 27-year-old's fiance, footballer Jamie O'Hara, announced the news on his Twitter page this morning (13th July 2011), telling followers, "Danielle has delivered our baby this morning 4lb 4oz, 10 weeks early". Despite the premature birth, O'Hara assured fans both mother and child were doing well, saying, "Baby and dan are ok just letting the hospital look after him". Speaking earlier this month, Lloyd said her second pregnancy was much healthier than the first, saying, "When I was expecting Archie, I'd gorge on chocolate and crisps, but I've been healthier this time. I haven't been exercising because running around after Archie keeps me fit". However, the model openly admitted she wanted cosmetic surgery after the birth, signalling her intention to get "a lift", a "chemical peel" and a procedure to even out her skin pigmentation.
Danielle Lloyd won the celebrity edition of 'The Weakest Link' in 2008, and finished first on the physically gruelling game-show 'Total Wipeout' two years later.